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Based in Charleston, South Carolina, our family is lucky enough to spend most of the year outdoors. Our sons' love for golf was the catalyst to this venture. When shopping for their golf apparel, it was difficult to find a happy medium between standard stripes and large, loud prints for the young man. I noticed most boys were often wearing oversized, untucked polos with parents admitting to the same struggles as me to finding better options. Add in a sensory processing disorder and boy (no pun intended) was I on a mission to create designs that offered both comfort and a tailored fit. If this story sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place!

Inspired by our sons, Palmer and Bear, the name "Bear the Palm" originates from Roman history when it was custom to present the victorious gladiator with a palm. The phrase can be what it means to you to "take the prize" or "be the winner." For our family, the person who "bears the palm" is the one who is having the most fun! 

-Lindsey Leech, Founder and boy mom

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