Bear the Palm Intros Child/Parent Apparel from Spike on Golf & Travel

Bear the Palm Intros Child/Parent Apparel from Spike on Golf & Travel

Bear the Palm, a family-owned company based in Charleston, S.C., has entered the world of golf apparel. The brand will offer a blend of comfort, style, and sensory-friendly designs for boys and their golf-loving dads.

Bear the Palm’s inaugural collection features matching child/parent polos in a range of high-quality, durable, athletic fabrics. The polos are designed with sensory-sensitive children in mind, featuring soft, moisture-wicking materials, and tagless designs that are carefully engineered with the right amount of stretch for easy on-and-off wear. The brand is committed to providing unique prints with their first polo collection inspired by the Lowcountry, ensuring that children, parents, and grandparents will enjoy fashion-forward designs like oysters, blue crabs, and marsh scenery in celebration of the region’s heritage. Other apparel on the horizon includes easy, pull-on golf shorts and joggers, and cozy q-zips.

Founder Lindsey Leech’s passion for creating sensory-friendly clothing stems from her son’s sensory processing disorder diagnosis. Understanding the struggles faced by many parents, Lindsey collaborated with healthcare professionals, teachers, and parents to develop apparel that prioritizes comfort and functionality.

In addition to its commitment to quality and comfort, Bear the Palm is deeply involved in community outreach. The company’s long-term vision includes giving back to the community and supporting nonprofits focused on youth development through golf. As junior golf continues to grow, Bear the Palm is excited to be part of the movement, helping young golfers feel comfortable and confident on the course while instilling important values such as respect, honesty, and self-confidence.

Bear the Palm invites golf enthusiasts and families to explore its unique junior golf apparel and learn more about its mission by visiting the brand’s blog at this link. Bear the Palm is set to showcase it innovative designs at the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando taking January 24-26. Join us in celebrating a brand embodying what it means to “Bear the Palm” – having the most fun on and off the golf course.

Spike on Golf and Travel is run by Steve Pike who is a multiple award-winning journalist and author who helped define golf business reporting in the early 1990s.

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